Junk Silver Buyer in Las Vegas | How to Sell Junk Silver

Nevada Coin Mart is the leading junk silver buyer today. The owner, Neil Sackmary, pays the most cash in exchange for the value of junk silver in all of Las Vegas. Our store is also home to coin experts who are knowledgeable on determining the price of junk silver, making us the best place to sell junk silver. Read on if you want to learn how to sell junk silver coins.

Junk Silver Price

The market value of a junk silver coin depends on the current spot price of silver. The average junk silver buyer considers the spot price of silver as basis for an offer. Then, they take other factors into consideration like rarity, demand, and condition.

This is why if you wish to sell any silver coin of your possession, it’s best that you keep abreast of the pricing trends of silver and the factors that might influence it including the current market trends and expected future prices. Learn more about the spot price of silver Krugerrand here: https://www.kitco.com/charts/livesilver.html

Junk Silver Value

Junk silver come in two versions, each containing 90 or 40 percent silver. Their value as silver bullion is higher than their face value. This is why many investors and coin dealers consider them a unique and wise investment. These coins definitely embody the beauty and historical value of junk silver in great designs and precise depictions of important characters.

The value of junk silver coins can vary as time goes by. It can go up and down with the spot price for silver. But since most junk silver coins contain 90 percent silver content, they are worth the current spot price. Every American silver coin price is in accordance to its silver content. Mainly, half dollars contain .3617, quarters have .1808, and dimes include .0723 troy ounces of silver. These details help a junk silver buyer decide an offer to sellers. 

How to Sell Junk Silver in Las Vegas

Nevada Coin Mart is the best place for you to sell silver dollar coins and other precious items like gold or platinum bullion. We have won the Best of Las Vegas Awards given and recognized by the Las Vegas Journal Review 12 times already. Our awards only prove that we are the best junk silver buyer out there.

Sell Junk Silver Today

Visit us today if you want to sell your junk silver fast. We are open 365 times a year, from 9 am to 6 pm. Visit us at Nevada Coin Mart® 4065 S. Jones Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89103, or call us up at 702-998-4000.

Junk Silver Buyer

Junk silver buyers and sellers refer to the pre-1965 silver coins as junk silver. They are often distinguished and described in terms of appearance as compared to other silver coins. Junk silver coins’ edge does not show the telltale copper streak but appears silver all the way through. Some of the pre-1965 junk silver coins that contain 90 or 40 percent silver are the following:

  • Barber Half Dollar
  • Walking Liberty Half Dollar
  • Franklin Half Dollar
  • Kennedy Half Dollar
  • Standing Liberty quarter
  • Washington quarter
  • Seated Liberty Dime
  • Barber Quarter
  • Barber Dime
  • Mercury Dime
  • Roosevelt Dime

Brief History

Junk silver is any silver coin that has no numismatic value but is in fair condition. It has no collectible value rather than the bullion value in its silver content. Customers often misconceive junk silver as scrap silver. Interestingly, the “junk” refers to the value of the coin as collectible and its actual condition. In other words, junk silver is not necessarily scrap silver. 

Silver, like any other precious metals, are measured in troy ounces. Junk silver coins have silver-alloy content that ranges from 35% to 90% and more. This changes, especially if the coin is uncirculated because the troy ounce silver content is also different. In general, 90 percent silver coins are more desirable to silver coin dealers who buy for silver content than any other coins that have lower percentages of silver content. Therefore, coins that have lower silver content are less valuable in the market.