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Platinum is an element that is dense, malleable, ductile, and highly unreactive. Forming platinum into bars, rounds, ingots, or special coins results in platinum bullion. Generally, where to sell your platinum is a crucial decision to make. This is especially true if you are looking for a platinum buyer who can give you good deals. As the best place to sell platinum in Las Vegas, Nevada Coin Mart is the most favored platinum dealer for a reason. Read on if you want to learn value of platinum bullion.

Selling Your Platinum

The value of a platinum bullion depends on the purity of its content. It may come in different forms, but its melt value is actually the important thing that should be taken into consideration. Identifying the amount of platinum in an item is imperative if you want to sell your platinum bullion. Having knowledge on platinum’s spot price lets you assess the worth of your item, which can help you determine a base price for your bullion. We recommend having your bullion analyzed first in order to identify the quantity of actual platinum in it.

Platinum bullion buyers also commonly base their offer on the current spot price of platinum in the market during that time. Obviously, knowing the spot price of platinum will help you avoid unintentionally closing a horrible deal. Take the time to find out the spot price of platinum in Las Vegas and learn more about it here:

Where to Sell Platinum Bullion

When you choose to sell a platinum bullion, remember to avoid shops that perform harsh test on items. For safe testing, opt to bring your platinum bullion items to Nevada Coin Mart. In testing metals, we use a certain precious metal verifier kit to analyze any type of metal. Its system measures the bulk of metals in an item and determines its numismatic authenticity without the use wet chemistry or any other scraping or filing processes that are commonly used in cheap pawnshops.

Platinum Dealer

The best place to sell platinum is at Nevada Coin Mart, which offers free, in-person, expert evaluation and analysis on every item brought in by customers. We do this up-front and let customers monitor how we handle their items so they can be sure of their safety. Our honesty and excellent customer service are just some of the things that made us a Gold Winner for three consecutive years at the Best of Las Vegas awards. We are the number one buyer of your platinum items particularly evaluated based on the current spot price of platinum. We also buy other precious metals like gold coins and silver coins.

Best Place to Sell Platinum

As a precious metal commodity, platinum bullion items are produced to serve as tangible forms of an investment and has the ISO currency code of XPT. These may come in different forms, but the major ones include the following:

  • Bars
  • Coins
  • Rounds

The market is abundant with investors and buyers looking to purchase platinum bullion. If you wish to earn cash by selling your platinum bullion, looking for a platinum dealer. Doing so will help you avoid swindlers that will use deception to acquire your items for super cheap prices. Fortunately, NCM is a platinum dealer that is licensed by the Clark County. This license serves as a guarantee that NCM will give you a deal that your item deserves.

Platinum Buyer in Las Vegas

Nevada Coin Mart pays the highest amount of cash for the value of platinum, making it the best place to sell platinum. Moreover, we have been buying jewelry and precious metals from the public for over 25 years now. As a result, we have helped millions of people earn instant. Aside from your basic platinum bars, we also buy the following coins and rounds:

  • The American Platinum Eagle
  • The Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf
  • The Australian Platinum Koala
  • The Isle of Man Noble
  • The Chinese Platinum Panda
  • Austrian Platinum Vienna Philharmonic
  • British Platinum Britannia

Brief History

The term “platinum” comes from the Spanish word platino, which means “little silver.” But, despite its name coming from a term that is related to another type of metal, platinum is actually a lot different from silver, especially when it comes to rarity. It is about 15-20 times scarcer than silver and even gold. Recent mine production totals roughly around 5M troy ounces of platinum each year. Meanwhile, gold mine productions run up 82M ounces per year, and 547M ounces for silver. As it shows, the very small number of projected platinum available each year pushes the market trade it at higher per-unit prices. This means in the spot price of platinum in the market commodities is likely to change regularly as it goes along with the production of other precious metals.