Silver Buyers in Las Vegas | Best Place to Sell Silver Bullion

In selling silver bullion, its value will depend mostly on the amount of silver it carries. Overall, buyers of silver bullion will take various factors into consideration before buying your item. It can be hard to find the best silver bullion dealer for you. Fortunately, Nevada Coin Mart does not discriminate, making them the most favored silver buyer in Las Vegas. The owner, Neil Sackmary, pays the highest amount of cash in exchange for silver items, making them the best place to sell silver bullion. Read on to learn more on how to earn big from silver dealers.

Sell Silver

Silver may be worth less than gold, but its versatility is still excellent compared to other metals. Today, it has proven itself superior in terms of electrical and thermal conductivity among other pure metals. In history, its ability to reflect light made it a common favorite among manufacturers of mirrors. But, besides its wide array of applications, silver is actually seen by investors as a good safety net or a safe haven asset that can protect them from uncertainty. This makes good business for silver bullion dealers.

Silver Buyers

Obviously, since silver is more affordable than gold, silver bullion is actually a lot easier to market than gold bullion. The price of silver rose significantly during the mid-20th century, which caused governments to lower the amount of silver in circulating coins or have the silver removed completely. Today, most silver bullion items would usually weigh one troy ounce, but you can also find ones with weights ranging from 1 gram up to a whopping 10 kilograms. As the #1 silver buyer in Las Vegas, NCM buys all silver bullion, regardless of its weight and purity. 

Best Silver Bullion Dealers

Most silver bullion buyers base their offers on the amount of precious metals within the item. That said, if you own any silver bullion and wish to sell it, having it tested and analyzed would be a smart move. At Nevada Coin Mart, we test your items up-front using a state-of-the-art x-ray spectrometer and let you watch the process. This way, not only can you have a fuller understanding of your item’s composition, we also give you peace of mind by showing transparency on how we handle your items and discuss with you how we decide the price of your silver bullion –  especially, the price of silver coins. Our honesty and excellent customer service makes us the best place to sell your silver bullion.

Silver Bullion Value

The value of a silver bullion item would more often than not depend on the silver composition of the item. Most buyers do not recognize designs and artistry as part of a silver bullion’s monetary worth. However, its physical conditions, even if irrelevant to the price of silver bullion item, can still affect the entirety of a silver bullion’s value because deep scratches and obvious dents can sometimes lead to unexpected loss of silver content. 

Best Place to Sell Silver Bullion

Nevada Coin Mart is the best silver buyer in Las Vegas and has done business with more than a million individuals now. Aside from a variety of weight, silver bullion can also come in different forms and types. As the best silver bullion dealer, we buy all sorts of bullion. Below are the classes of Silver Bullion Items that we are looking for, including the types for each class of silver bullion:

  • Bars
  • Rounds 
    • Morgan Dollar
    • Silver Buffalo
    • Walking Liberty
    • Saint-Gaudens
    • Screaming American Eagles
  • Silver Coins
    • Mexican Silver Libertad
    • Chinese Silver Panda
    • American Silver Eagle
    • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
    • Australian Silver Kookaburra
    • Australian Silver Kangaroo
    • British Silver Britannia
    • Austrian Silver Vienna Philharmonic
    • Russian George the Victorious
    • South African Silver Krugerrand

Brief History

As an element, silver has a long history, which dates way back to 200 BC in Egypt. Silver does not easily react to oxygen and water, but may react with sulphides.  The ancient Greeks and Persians were historically the first people to refine silver and create silver coins – a common form of silver bullion today. 

Silver bullion can come in many forms, including bars, coins, rounds, and ingots. Typically, any piece that contains a high concentration of silver, usually of 99.9% purity, can be pertained to as a silver bullion. People acquire silver bullion to store the value of their money for long periods of time. People usually pertain to silver collectors and investors as stackers. Obviously, their collections are called “stacks.”

Silver buyers do not just buy silver to collect and invest in it. Sometimes, they get into the game of silver buying to maximize the spot price of silver. In doing so, they buy silver when the spot price is low, then sell it when the spot price of silver gets high. This makes it hard to find the best silver bullion dealers who will buy your silver items all year round. Luckily, being the best among all silver buyers in Las Vegas, NCM buys all silver bullion 365 days a year.