Silver Bar Buyers in Las Vegas | Best Place to Sell Silver Bars

Nevada Coin Mart is the most favored among silver bar buyers in all of Las Vegas today. The owner, Neil Sackmary, pays the highest amount of cash for the value of silver bars and other precious items. NCM is the best place to sell silver bars if you want fast and safe transactions. Read on if you want to learn how to sell your silver bars.

Brief History

Silver bullion bars are blocks that contain virtually all silver. These come in different sizes and weights ranging from 1 gram to 5,000 grams (or 5kg) or even more. Most silver bars owned by investors today are manufactured by refineries, who produce nearly all silver bars that are available on today’s market. 

Silver Bar Value

Throughout history, the practice of purchasing silver bars with the sole purpose of storing its value .

There are two kinds of silver bars: poured and minted. As the name suggests, poured silver bars are made by pouring molten silver into molds. On the other hand, a minted (or pressed) silver bar is a kind of bullion that was neatly cut from a stock bar that was stamped with a design that features the bar’s details. The latter kind is much easier to produce since it only requires cutting skills and machines. With that said, individual silver bar buyers and collectors might actually pay a little more for poured ones due to its rustic appearance. 

How to Sell Silver Bars

Silver bars often fall under two categories: name brand and generic silver bars. Evidently, name brand silver bars are those that are made by popular and well-established refiners. Silver bars that are minted by the government are also, in essence, name brand bars. 

Silver Bar Buyers

The price of a silver bar depends on the amount of precious silver that it contains. This means that the metal content of the bar holds most of its monetary value. Understanding the composition of your silver bar is important if you wish to sell your items. Also, you need to know the spot price of silver because this is what silver bar buyers will use as a basis in giving sellers a price or offer.

Sell Silver Bars

Nevada Coin Mart is the best place to sell your silver bars. We test items using a non-destructive process that involves the use of a modern piece of technology in the industry of gemology call the x-ray spectrometer. This is more favorable than the scratch tests that other stores and pawnshops do because such tests can permanently damage the condition desirability of your silver bar and other precious items like gold bullion.

Best Place to Sell Silver Bars

Small-time silver bar buyers will not always buy your items. They have strict standards and choose only specific items to acquire. They are also hard to find because they can only be reached through a very exclusive network of bullion enthusiasts. What makes Nevada Coin Mart the best silver bullion dealer (including other bullion items, obviously) is that we buy virtually any bullion item that the public has to offer. Just bring them in, and we will help you earn the most cash for it.

Popular Silver Bars

Since silver is more affordable than gold and other PMG metals that come in bullion items, a number of silver bars became available for investors to purchase. Experienced silver bar sellers fully understand that the worth of silver bars is dictated by the amount of actual silver in the item. This means that the price of generic silver bars will not be far from what name brand silver bars are worth. However, if you do find silver bar buyers that favors name brand silver bars, here are a few things you need to know:


Englehard is one of the most famous names when it comes to silver bars. The company produced its last silver bullion bar around 1988, but their bullion remains highly sought-after until today. Their steady popularity translates to a higher premium compared to other common silver bars. In fact, some people actually collect Englehard silver bars and prize them as one would a rare coin. 

Johnson Matthey

Another top-tier name brand in terms of silver bars is Johnson Matthey, who ceased silver bar productions around 2015, when the JM refining arm was sold to Asahi Holdings. The latter continued to produce silver bars using the same facilities that JM did. However, from then on, its silver bars and other bullion items became strictly under the Asahi name, solely. But, despite this change in management, old JM silver bars still bear enough value that can command impressive premiums. 

Smaller Refineries

Meanwhile, smaller refineries and privately owned refineries, such as the Scottsdale Mint and the Regency Mint, produce bullion items that are basically categorized as “generic”- take the generic silver bar for an example. Such a silver bar, consequently, has a less premium than a name brand one. Much like in clothes, the value of silver bars like these ones are a little less than branded ones.

No matter which category the public favors more, mints are always set to manufacture silver bars. This is so they can always meet the growing demand for silver bars each year. If you happen to have one (or some) at home, consider selling them at Nevada Coin Mart over other silver bar buyers. NCM will help you earn serious and instant cash you can use to upgrade your investment portfolio. Regardless of the brand or type, NCM is the best place to sell your silver bars.