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Platinum Eagle Buyer

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Brief History

As America’s official platinum bullion coin, the American Platinum Eagle serves as both legal tender and bullion. Its legislative process began in 1995 and took over two years of work to finish. Philip N. Diehl of the US Mint, David L. Ganz of American Numismatic Association, and Jaques Luben of the Platinum Guild International was responsible for the coin’s legislation and initiated the process. Later on, in 1997, the US Mint finally released the 99.95% fine platinum coins that come in 1⁄10, 1⁄4, 1⁄2, and 1 troy oz denominations. In 2008, however, the government discontinued the production of the coin’s fractional denominations, leaving the consumers with only one ounce denomination for circulation.

The US Mint distributes proof versions of the coin directly to the public for investors and collectors. Interestingly, it’s the only US bullion coin that comes in alternating designs every year. On the other hand, bullion versions of the American Platinum Eagle are sold exclusively to the Mint’s authorized buyers. Meanwhile, uncirculated versions of the Platinum Eagle feature designs that match those of the proof versions. However, the Mint strikes uncirculated versions on burnished coin blanks with a “W” mint mark on the surface. This mark signifies “West Point” and further distinguishes the version from bullion ones.

Although the design alternates per year, it mainly revolves around two elements. The coin’s obverse features the Statue of Liberty, while the reverse depicts a soaring eagle.


Naturally, the intrinsic value of Platinum Eagles is much higher than its value at face. Since they contain 99.95% pure platinum, the value of Platinum Eagles correlates to the spot price of platinum in the market. A 1 troy oz Platinum Eagle coin carries $100 worth of face value. Meanwhile, the 1⁄10, 1⁄4, and 1⁄2 troy oz coins have $10, $25, $50 worth of face value, respectively.