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Palladium is a rare, lustrous, and silvery-white metal. William Hyde, an English chemist, discovered it in 1803 and named the metal after an asteroid called Pallas. The value or price of palladium bullion will oftentimes depend on the spot price of palladium in the market. That is why if you wish to sell your palladium to palladium dealers, you need to know that they often look into the quality and condition of the item for a thorough evaluation. It can be hard to find palladium buyers, so you opt to bring yours to Nevada Coin Mart instead.

Value of Palladium

Palladium bullion items come in different forms: bars, rounds, and coins. These are primarily made as forms of investment targeted towards those who want to store their riches into an item or increase their investment port folio.

As a precious metal, the price or value of palladium has significantly increased, especially in the global commodities market. It is assigned the code XPD by ISO 4217.  The demand for palladium, so far, outstrips its supply. This has been the situation for some time, thus making palladium seem favorable for most investors – nearly as good as gold and silver. In fact, first time investors who find gold and silver a bit intimidating find themselves feeling more confident and comfortable in putting their money in palladium. Since its introduction in 1987, palladium reached its peak monetary value on January 20, 2020 at $2,316.30 per ounce.

Sell Palladium Bullion

As a commodity, palladium has earned quite the popularity among consumers that come from different industries. The market demand for palladium has increased over the years due to its number of uses, thus making its price grow as well. However, only a very small percentage of the world’s palladium actually goes into investment. The bigger bulk of it (as well as other metals in the platinum group), on the other hand, is utilized in industrial applications.

That said, investment demand on palladium is generally expected to remain constant yet minuscule. This shows that, albeit ridiculously minute, investing on palladium can one day be no longer practiced. Given these projections, it is now more understandable for people to sell their palladium bullion. In fact, it is a smart move. Of course, when you do decide to dispose of your palladium bullion, make sure to sell them at a place that can offer the best price for your bullion. If you’re in Las Vegas, you should know that Nevada Coin Mart is the most favored palladium dealer in the area.

Palladium Spot Price

Those who are willing to buy any type of palladium bullion will most likely base their offer on the melt value of the item. This means that the spot price of palladium will play a significant role in the offer that a palladium buyer will give to a seller. If you wish to sell your palladium bullion, you must have an understanding of its current spot price. This way, you can avoid horrible deals and getting paid less than the true value of your palladium bullion. You can check out the spot price for palladium live here:

Palladium Dealer

Nevada Coin Mart has been buying various bullion items like gold and silver coins from the public for over 25 years now. NCM is home to palladium buyers that seeks to acquire palladium items from individuals and even small-time sellers. It exists as a place where people can sell their palladium bullion securely and easily. We help sellers skip the hassle and the inconveniences of having to comb through a pool of potential scammers just to find a buyer.

Sell to Palladium Buyers

Even so, finding a buyer does not guarantee a good offer. So, the best option is to simply bring your palladium bullion at Nevada Coin Mart. We can definitely assure you that we are the best palladium dealer in Las Vegas, NV. We pay the highest amount of cash that is closest to the spot price of palladium. Our quick process ensures that you will get an impressive amount of cash for your bullion, fast. Some of the other items we buy intend to acquire include the following forms of palladium bullion:

  • Bars
  • Coins
  • Rounds