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Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Value

The Gold Maple Leaf has a face value of 50 Canadian dollars. This face value officially turns these bullion coins into legal tender, which means people can use it to pay debt and taxes. However, its real market value is dependent on gold’s current spot price (which changes daily). The Gold Maple Leaf has a millesimal fineness of .9999 gold (24-karats) or 99.99% fine gold. It has a standard weight of 1 troy ounce (31.10 grams).

There are also other size denominations, including ​1⁄25 oz., ​1⁄20 oz., ​1⁄10 oz., ​1⁄4 oz., and ​1⁄2 oz. The coins have a corresponding face value of CAD$0.50, CAD$1, CAD$5, CAD$10, and CAD$20.

Below are the factors that influence the prices of Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins:

  • Collectability
  • Weight
  • Spot Price

The spot price of gold is constantly changing along with various market trends. As coin buyers, we base our prices on the US spot price for gold. To know more about spot prices, click on the link below and make sure to set the reference to the US market.

Sell Gold Maple Leaf Coins

Due to its high gold content, numerous investors chose Gold Maple Leaf coins as a defense mechanism against inflation. But, of course, you cannot reap the rewards of owning Gold Maple Leafs if you only use it for its face value. You would want to sell your Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins for their bullion value to get the most of their value. If you happen to have one, sell your Gold Maple Leaf coin to Nevada Coin Mart.

How to Sell Gold Maple Leafs

Knowing a few basic details about coins gives buyers the impression that you are knowledgeable in selling Gold Maple Leafs. Also, you need to check the spot price of gold once you decide to sell your coin so you can determine its base price. Buyers will also consider your coins’ condition, so make sure you take good care of them. Cleaning it might be a good idea, too. However, finding an individual buyer takes time and requires a good network of people. Bring your Gold Maple Leafs to Nevada Coin Mart instead if you want to avoid all that hassle and still earn good money.

Our store is home to experts who know the history and distinct characteristics of the Gold Maple Leafs. The owner, Neil Sackmary, provides impressive deals in exchange for your coins. Visit us at Nevada Coin Mart 4065 S. Jones Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89103 to get a free quote. You can also call us at 702-998-4000 to talk to one of our coin experts.


The Canadian Government releases Gold Maple Leaf coins yearly. Meanwhile, the Royal Canadian Mint is responsible for its production. They use 99.99% pure gold during production, which means the coin is malleable and vulnerable to dents if put in improper packaging and storage. Some Gold Maple Leaf buyers might be discouraged from buying if there is damage to the coin.


Engraver Walter Ott designed the obverse of the coin. This side of the coin depicts the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. Here, the Queen appears to be wearing a pearl necklace and an earring. The name ELIZABETH II is shown on the top of the Queen’s image, while the year of issue and the coin’s face value is listed under the Queen’s profile.

The first Gold Maple Leaf that was minted depicts a younger Queen Elizabeth II, but in 1990 the Mint changed the design to depict a more mature image of the Queen.

Meanwhile, the reverse side of the Gold Maple Leaf is the most distinguishable image in the world of bullion, the Maple Leaf, which is also Canada’s national symbol. The name CANADA is shown on top of the coin, while the number 9999 is on the left and right of the coin. The words FINE GOLD and the coin’s weight appear on the bottom.