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The silver dollar coin is one version of the dollar coin of the United States. It is considered the second-largest U.S. coin in terms of physical size that is currently minted for circulation next to the half dollar. Other dollar coins have also been minted in the United States since 1794 in gold and base metal versions. Specifically, the Coinage Act of 1792 authorized the production of silver dollar coins. From 1794 to 1803, the United States produced silver dollar coins, then ceased its regular production until 1836. 

The first silver dollars were primarily coined for distribution from 1794 to 1804 as souvenirs to dignitaries. They were produced in varying quantities with two obverse designs, the Flowing Hair and Draped Bust. Also, there are two reverse designs used for silver dollar coins that were used for the Draped Bust variety, such as the Small Eagle and Heraldic Eagle. From this period, the silver dollars were deemed highly valuable by coin collectors, ranging from common to rare designs and structures. 

Initially, the dollar coins’ production was done to save the cost of printing one-dollar bills. However, most Americans still opted to use the paper bill. As a result, the Mint decided not to produce dollar coins for general circulation purposes on December 11, 2011. Instead, dollar coins were produced specifically for collectors after that date, which can be ordered directly from the Mint. 

Silver Dollar Spot Price

The silver content of a silver dollar coin is an important consideration to determine its price. That is why if you are planning to sell your silver dollar coin, you might want to keep track of the current spot price of silver. Your silver dollar coin’s price is determined through the spot of silver at the time the selling and buying transaction is held. Pricing trends of silver may go and up due to marketing schemes and developments and other factors. Learn more about the spot price of silver here:

What is Silver Dollar Worth

Today, the value of a silver dollar depends on several factors like its age, condition or grade, origin, and its particular variety. This means that the type of silver dollar is key to understanding how your coin is numismatically valued. There are other important factors also to determine the value of a silver dollar. These include the date, mintmark, errors, and varieties, and the grade or overall condition.

First, the date is usually found on the obverse part of the coin. Second, the mint mark will help you identify where the coin was minted. The mintmark is sometimes found on the edge of the coin. Third, if there are unusual markings on your silver dollar coins, there are often considered errors or varieties from post-mint damage. However, there are many types of errors and die varieties that can increase your silver dollars’ value. That is why you must know very well how to spot them on your coins. 

Lastly, in terms of the silver dollar’s grade and overall condition, numismatists basically categorized them into circulated and uncirculated. An uncirculated silver dollar is more valuable than the circulated. The condition of the coin, especially its wear-based grade, determines its value. That is why it is important that you leave your coins in their original forms and not clean them. It is said that cleaning removes important elements of the coin like its patina and sometimes a very thin layer of metal. These elements when removed from the coin can never be repaired or restored.

Where to Sell Silver Dollar Coins

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We Buy All Sorts of Silver Dollar Coins

The following are some of the major types of silver dollars since the United States Mint began its production in 1974:

  • Flowing Hair Dollar (1794–95)
  • Draped Bust Dollar (1795–1804)
  • Gobrecht Dollar (1836–1839)
  • Liberty Seated Dollar (1840–1873)
  • Trade Dollar (1873–1885)
  • Morgan Dollar (1878–1921)
  • Peace Dollar (1921–1935)
  • Eisenhower Dollar (1971–1978)
  • Commemorative Dollars (1983–present)
  • American Silver Eagle One Dollar (1986–present)