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The Peace dollar is a United States dollar coin that is minted from 1921 to 1928 and 1934 to 1935. It was created as an emblem of peace after World War II, otherwise known as The Great War. 

Peace Dollar Price

Early silver Peace dollars are valued at a range from $21.00 to $21.64 per coin. But there are certain factors and steps that are considered for evaluation before the price is determined. This is basically done to distinguish high-quality collectors coins from the bullion quality.

There are three basic factors that determine how much your Peace dollar is worth. These include date and mintmark variety, grading conditions, and special qualities. Come with these factors are also three basic steps for you to do if you wish to sell your Peace dollar coin. First, it is important to identify the dates and mintmarks of your coin. Common to scarce Peace dollar coins come in a range of different prices. Second, you need to recognize differences in preservation using images to judge the grade quality of the coin. Lastly, examine the coin in terms of its collector appeal.

Peace Dollar Value

Weighing 26. 73 grams and containing 24.057 grams of silver, Peace dollars are deemed to be highly valuable in the market. The rarity of Peace Dollars is another major consideration of measuring its value. A total of 10 years was spent and dedicated to mint Peace dollars in the United States. To many collectors, the coins that were minted in 1921, 1928, 1934, and 1935 show greater appeal and significance compared to the previous ones. 

Peace dollar continues to be very popular in the U.S.  and even worldwide because of its historical significance and simple yet stunning beauty. It formed an indispensable part of American history as it was emblematic of peace following World War I. The silver coin despite its age, which is now approaching 100 years with its latest edition, is still in fine condition, making it more marketable among collectors. 

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Brief History

The Peace dollar stemmed from a design competition seeking the most appropriate design emblematic and symbolic of peace. After winning the competition, the Peace dollar started to be recognized as one of the United States dollar coins. It was designed by Anthony de Franciscci, an Italian-American sculptor, who is famous for designing coins and medals in the United States. 

The first Peace dollar coins were struck in 1921, with millions of pieces bearing that year. However, due to some legal requirements and repeals of policies, it stopped its production for a couple of years. Later on, when the Pittman Act requirements were met in 1928, the Peace dollar continued to be produced. In 1965. There was a controversy that Denver mint struck over thousands of Peace dollars dated 1964. These were believed to have never been issued and were just melted instead. Peace dollar was the last United States dollar silver coin to be circulated. 


As a symbol of peace, the obverse and reverse feature different representations. The obverse represents the Goddess of Liberty’s head and neck, while the reverse depicts a bald eagle at rest that is clutching an olive branch with the mark “Peace.” The coin’s obverse also features the phrase “In God We Trust” and “Liberty” at the top edge. The year when the coin was minted is also inscribed. There were actually two different designs made by Anthony de Francisci for the coin’s reverse. But the more peaceful looking olive branch design was chosen.