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British Gold Britannia Value

When the gold Britannia was first minted in 1987 until 2012, its gold content was 91.7% fine gold or 22-karats, with the remaining 8.3% being copper until 1989 and silver in 1990 onwards. In 2012, the Royal Mint switched to using .9999 fine gold or 24-karats. 

The coins typically have one troy ounce of gold and a face value of £100. It is also available in other size denominations of ½, ¼, and 1/10 of a troy ounce with the corresponding face values of £50, £25, and £10. They released two more sizes in 2013, a 5-ounce coin with a face value of £500 and a 1/20 of a troy ounce with a face value of £5.

The gold Britannia is considered as legal tender.

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What is Gold Britannia

The gold Britannia coins are British gold bullion coins that were first minted by the Royal Mint in 1987. They named the coin after the female personification of Britain, Britannia. Britannia was a warrior queen who protected Britain from invasion and persecution. The warrior has been Britain’s symbol for centuries dating back to the Roman Empire.


Philip Nathan designed the obverse side of the gold Britannia. The Royal Mint of England chose him amongst hundreds who competed in the design competition. Nathan’s version of Britannia is a vision of her as the nation’s guardian, overseer of the seas protecting the British Isles. Britannia is holding a trident on her right hand, and a shield with the United Kingdom’s flag on it. The words BRITANNIA, 9999 FINE GOLD, the weight, and the year it was minted are also shown on the obverse side.

On the reverse side of the coin shows the right profile of Queen Elizabeth II. The coin’s face value and the words ELIZABETH II, D, G, REG, F, D are also shown on the reverse side.